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PhD thesis / dissertation – is a written work that completes the third level university education.

The doctoral student demonstrates the level of acquired knowledge in the dissertation. When writing a dissertation, the PhD student also ensures that the result must be publishable. This is why his work is subject to high content and methodological criteria. There is also a great emphasis on the form of the dissertation.

Dissertation writing

The dissertations are structurally similar to the diploma thesis. The introductory part consists of introduction, abstract (in the state and foreign language) and content. Its core is composed of part, theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, the author describes and classifies the studied issue. Contrary to the above mentioned theses, the theoretical part does not have to be structurally distinguished from the practical part in the dissertation. Writing a theoretical and practical part may not be harmful. Much can depend on the trainer for advice.

The practical part of the dissertation is the application of knowledge to the researched issue. It also includes a discussion that consists of a comparison of the expected results and the results of the research presented in the dissertation.

Dissertations are submitted to PhD students at the beginning of their studies. It is the most demanding final work in this hierarchy, so the doctoral student has to complete it for the entire duration of the study (ie 4-5 years). Dissertations should have a range of 80-120 pages.

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