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The paper is an expert text. We place it on the most frequently assigned tasks at secondary schools and universities.

The task of the paper is to inform about the topic. They must provide basic information on the subject of the investigation, the objective, the methods it uses, the results and conclusions of the investigation and work. It is supplemented with Bibliography, which was used for its processing. Papers use terms. Their language is expert.

It is possible to present in two ways, either verbally (for example, a pupil reads a paper in an hour) or in writing (giving a paper).

Writing papers

When writing a paper we can proceed in two ways, in text editors or in PowerPoint. If we are going to perform with a paper, the second option is appropriate. If we decided to write a paper in Word, it should be kept in mind that it must be clear. It is recommended to use paragraphs and under headings. The standard form for writing papers should correspond to adjusting similar written works, ie Times New Roman 12 and single or 1.5 spacing.

The basic structure of the paper becomes the basic information about the author of the paper – name, surname and date of elaboration. The paper structure is then divided into three parts – introduction, core, conclusion. In the introduction, a reasoned selection of topics in the paper, the topic itself, which he is going to work at.

It should also be a brief outline of the terms that will be used at the core of the paper and the overall outline and entry into the issues discussed. The core topic is discussed at the core of the paper. The topic should be interesting, the length of the paper is about 15 minutes, which corresponds to a range of 3-5 pages. In conclusion, the main idea of ​​the paper and the most important facts in the paper should be repeated in short. The cited literature should also be mentioned.

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