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MBA work

The MBA thesis is a professional work that is part of the final examination at universities not only abroad. A successful graduate of this management education is awarded an internationally recognized MBA-Master of Business Administration degree.

Writing MBA work

This final thesis can be analogously compared with the level of diploma thesis at European universities. However, MBA work must be written in a foreign language, most often in English.

MBA works do not have a precisely defined binding structure; However, it is certain that its structure is different from the structure for bachelor’s theses, diploma theses and other final theses. For writing an MBA, a student has most of the final semester of his / her studies. The advantage is the choice of topics that the student proposes himself.

MBA work is based on practice, so it is necessary to continually link theory with practice. Closely related to the themes of works, which are mostly tied to specific companies. In the UK, this management education is only in its beginnings with an MBA. In the future, however, there is a great potential for increasing interest in this study.

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