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Rigorous Thesis / rigorosum – is a written work that must demonstrate, in addition to the knowledge gained, independent work with a professional text and on the basis of that apply knowledge in practice. Successful defense of the rigorous thesis and passing the exams, the student receives a so-called small doctorate (JUDr., PhDr., RNDr., ThDr., ThLic., PaedDr.).

Many requirements for writing a rigorous thesis are identical to those for writing a thesis. As far as the scope of the thesis is concerned, it is a work with a minimum number of 80 or more standard pages. However, some faculties of higher education in the UK accept rigorous theses in the range of 70 – 80 pages.

Writing rigorous works

Rigorous thesis requires long-term preparation of materials, study of the necessary literature (and foreign), very good orientation in the given field so that it can be written on the level. Many graduates of postgraduate studies follow up their diploma thesis when writing a rigorous thesis.

As with bachelor and diploma students, even when writing rigorous works, it is necessary to observe formal modifications as well as the structure of work. Rigorous theses have three parts, submitted in printed and electronic form (CD).

As already mentioned, the thesis is one of the final theses, which is why it has a very similar structure, which is also divided into three main parts. The introductory part contains an introduction, an abstract in the state and foreign languages ​​(English or German) and content. The main text – the core – is made up of theoretical and practical bases of the examined issue.

When writing a rigorous thesis, the author requires a high level, work with foreign literature, independent work with resources and a deep penetration of the researched issue. In the conclusion, which the author concludes in his thesis, he summarizes his own contribution.

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