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The semester is also a written work as a seminar, but the difference between them is in the scope and structure of the work. Semestral students are assigned to students during one semester and are a condition for successful completion of the course.

The topics of the semester are given to the teacher of the subject so that they correspond as much as possible to the subject. The semestral work together with the seminar should teach the student to work with resources, collect information and evaluate them.They are a pre-preparation of writing a comprehensive thesis.

Writing semestral works

The scope of the semester work ranges from 10-15 pages. It usually consists of three parts:

  • Introductory, which includes title page, annotation (abstract in foreign language), content, introduction.
  • The core, it has two theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part is devoted to the description and characteristics of semester work. In the practical part, students apply their knowledge to a specific problem or situation.
  • Conclusion, which includes not only the conclusion itself, where the student summarizes the most important ideas of his work and exploration. The final part of the thesis contains a bibliography with references of used literature and annexes, which are not obligatory.

Semestral work has the same form as a seminar work. It is important to cite and refer to used resources according to ISO60 and 60-2. Line spacing is 1.5. The semester, as well as all final theses, envisages flawless control of grammar, standard language and professional terminology.

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